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'The Glade Effect'

Glade scented candles indulge the senses, fill the air with love and create special moments.

For this 360º shopper campaign we bring to life the Glade effect through bold, dynamic design. We showed a loving moment between two people – their silhouettes sharing a single image of beautiful fragrances. 

781215899_Glade Candles_RZen_Image_edite
781215899_Glade Candles_RZen_Wobbler
781215899_Glade Candles_RZen_FSDU_Generi
Glade_Candles_Experiential Sensorium
781215899_Glade Candles_LOVE_IMAGE_edite
781215899_Glade Candles_LOVE_Wobbler_2
781215899_Glade Candles_LOVE_FSDU.STG8
Glade Love_balloon
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