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"Louis is a creative matchmaker,  successfully introducing his clients' brands to their customers."

30 years is a pretty long time to stay enthusiastic about being in the creative business.


My first boss once told me that this
business we all love was "all about people". To be honest, it took me a while to finally understand what he actually meant.


Clients. Audience. Colleagues - respect them and most importantly, listen to them. 

Challenge them. Learn from them.


From this, the art of creative communication is manifested simply and with common sense whether it's for a global event or for an on-pack promo sticker.


So after 30+ years of advocating common sense in integrated, shopper marketing, brand activation, corporate branding, and B2B, I look ahead (with enthusiasm) to continuing and building on the creative work I have produced at Saatchi X, Ogilvy, Publicis, Vivid/Arc, Geometry, Oasis, 

Leo Burnett, Uffindell, The Small Back Room and for all my freelance and private clients.


And thanks to many colleagues and clients, I may have a chance.

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